Windows 95 machine--Internet connection using ethernet card.

Hello Expert,

I have a old windows 95 machine.

I am trying to connect my machine using high speed Internet( broadband connection.)

My machine as Ethernet interface, so i am using that.

I connected the modem to my windows 95 machine using ethernet card.

But could not get internet connection.

I believe i have to install some drivers to identify ethernet connection on my machine. i dont have the ethernet drivers software with me.

The same modem connection when connected to another windows xp machine works fine.

can anyone help me out?


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It does sound like a driver issue.  Do you know what kind of network card the win95 machine has?  If not, take it out and on the card it should give at least the manufactuer (3com, etc) and a model # somewhere.  Most companies have their drivers on their webpages.  Just find the company's website and download the driver for that model #.  The driver will either come with it's own install program or you'll have to go to the control panel-system-device manager and find the card which will probably have a yellow exclaimation mark next to it, go to properties and choose re-install or update driver and point it to where you saved the driver.

Once you've got that done, go to start->run and type winipcfg...this will bring up the ip address settings...make sure the network card is selected in the dropdown usually starts up on the PPP adapter settings, so make sure to change it to the network card.....then hit renew.....if it gives you an error than you may need to set the ip address manually and your ISP should have given you the address, subnetmask and gateway to use.

there u r ...

go to control panel and click on system icon .... here u see all the devices with drivers........

if u dont find NIC or network card expand others (click on + located at others) here if u see an yellow colored ? mark then the NIC drivers r not installed properly...........

TO get NIC drivers u need to know which make it is........

then go to

or u can  buy new NIC wich comes with drivers Floppy.......

1.  Had you used that ethernet port before?

 i mean are you sure that it works? (see answer above)

2.  have you installed and configured your modem/isp service as instructed??

check if you have a disk provided by your isp.

3.  Did you configure internet explorer to connect via LAN?

maybe you were connecting by phone, in IE properties you should make sure that "never dial a connection" is checked.

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4.  You may need to upgrade your I.E.

if IE6 is too heavy /makes your pc slow stick to 5.5
There are some wizards there that can help you.
You'll probably need to have PPPoE installed. It's a non-standard protocol to Win95 so you'll have to download drivers somewhere (anybody knows where? I thought there should be a third-party software, but i dont know).

If your DSL-Modem ends the PPPoE from your ISP, then you'll only have to have TCP/IP properly installed.
Use at the modem (for the internal IP) and for the NICs IP (both subnet
Set gateway to on PC
Try to ping (open a commandline interface) the modem with "ping" - if that works, there should be no problem to arrive

Good luck
mani_saiAuthor Commented:
Hello Experts,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I will let you know the results.

mani_saiAuthor Commented:
Hello  heyiou ,

I followed your procedure.

start->run and type winipcfg

I changed from PPP adapter ----> Novel 2000 adapter.

Then click Renew---> i got an error

DHCP server unavailable. Renewing adapter

can anyone of you tell me how to setup ip address manually.(mine is windows 98 machine)

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