Cannot burn a dvd +r disc using nero 6

I recently installed a brand new A open dvd burner on a compaq presario running win 2k.  I also installed a copy of nero 6 that came with the burner.  I tested the burner by burning a cd data disc with a cd r.  It worked perfectly.  I then tried to create a dvd data disc using a dvd +r.  "Burn process failed" was the message that I  got.  

I then tried to burn a movie with dvd x copy and I recieved the error "writing disc error", also using a dvd+r.

The dvd burner will play a movie and it is supposed to work with all dvd formats.  DVD+R is the only one that I have tried.  Help.  
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The NERO log file should prove very useful.

From thje NERO web site:
"At the end of any write attempt with Nero/Nero Express or Nero, our software will ask you if you wish to Save, Print, or Discard the log file from the write attempt. Please be sure to save this file to your Desktop. With NeroVision Express, it will only prompt you to save the Log file if you run into an error.
Note: if you do not choose where to save the log file to, our software will save it to the directory of the program. For instance, for Nero/NeroExpress it will save it to C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero (or NeroExpress) directory by default. It's best to save to your Desktop so you do not lose the file.

If you forgot to save the logfile, there is a NeroHistoryLog in the C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero (or NeroExpress) directory. It is automatically created by our software and will also help to solve your problem."


Apart from the nero log file, I have the following recommendations:

* Is the drive's firmware up to date?  You will have to use A-open's web site to see if there is an update available

* Check A-Open's web site for recommended media to use with your burner.  NOT ALL MEDIA IS EQUAL.   Sometimes, certain brands of media simply do not work well, or at all, in certain burners.     These problems surface more often when the burner and/or media are of inexpensive quality.....

* Test some OTHER brand media to be sure.  Maybe trade one of your blank dvd+r's with another brand dvd+r disc with a friend.

* Try a DVD-R disc.

* lastly, don't overlook hardware problems.   My plextor 708 recently "died", but not completely.   It still kept working on CD-R media ok, but after working flawlessly for months, stopped working with any CD-RW disc or any type of DVD disc.    I returned it for a warranty exchange and it was replaced; problem solved.


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What type of dvd drive? It is dvd+r, -r or dual?
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