how can I create "copyrighted CDs/DVDs?".
I mean, if you try to copy official disks like WinXP, you receive a message from Nero, for example, like,

I would like to know how can I create my own COPYRIGHTED CD and at least create some difficulties to copy the disk.

Any suggestions to make the CD difficult to copy are welcome.
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the problem is just because nero notices your disc as copyrighted, it doesn't mean other applications will stop copying based on the same flag. you need something more global.

using a combination of txcopy and CCD lock is a pretty good way of protecting a disc. it just so happens a guide has been written for it too.

I think you'll be happy with the results.
mikelimaAuthor Commented:
TZcopy is not on the link you mentioned. Anyway I use it currently. But, I can even copy disks protected with it with easy. I know that's impossible to protect totally but I would like to make it hard, very hard... I want to make crackers cry... :-)

Another question about TZcopy is that not all methods produce valid CDs. I had problems burning ISOs protected by it.

Anyway, I like it, cause I don't know nothing better than it...

Any other program in the market like TZCOPY or better?

sure it is...
"When you are done with the CDRWin extraction we are going to use TzCopy to put the first step of the protection on a disc. While using this software, use step 3 to change the size to 800 MB. " then it goes on...

"I know that's impossible to protect totally but I would like to make it hard, very hard... I want to make crackers cry... :-)"
If such a method existed, every game movie and audio cd producer would be using it right now....

"Another question about TZcopy is that not all methods produce valid CDs"
the reason for this is because the ISO standard for CDs do not include copy protection. anything that adds copy protection to a CD is breaking the ISO standard and therefor starts compatibility problems...remember the RIAA using "copy-protected" CDs? many people complained because the discs would not play!

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mikelima, you asked for suggestions on how to make cd's difficult to copy and I provided such information. If my answer was not satisfactory I need you to communicate that before trying to delete the question without giving anyone a chance to help you further. Was your question not answered? If it was answered, you should accept the comment that helped you, not delete the question.
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