Printing to a shared printer attached to a computer via USB

Hi everyone.  I am using an inkjet printer attached to a computer on a domain.  I can't seem to get my laptop to add that printer even though it is shared.  My laptop is not added to the domain nor will it be.  Does it have to be a member of the domain in order to print??

I can browse the directory and even specify the path and i get a prompt to enter a username/password for that computer.  I can't browse the shared printer as if i could from another computer on that same domain.  There's got to be a way to set this up.  Any help is worth 500 pts.  Thanks guys.
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the sharing PC, make sure you are set up as a user. Then, when prompted for a username during printer installation, enter that name and password.
The laptop does not have to be on the same domain. If you can browse to the other PC you can connect to the printer. However, assuming the sharing PC runs Win 2k or XP, you must have a valid login on the other PC, and you must have at least Print permissions for the printer (set via the Scurity tab in Properties on the sharing PC).
tags266Author Commented:
I can browse to the other PC via add printer, but the printer doesn't show up when i click the's not a share problem b/c all the other pc's on the domain are able to see the printer when I click the + to expand the tree.  If i put in the path directly, it gives me the prompt for a user name and password, but is this username for the local pc or is it a domain PC.  I tried my administrator user/pass and it didn't work.  I believe I even tried the local computers' user pass...I don't know here.  
tags266Author Commented:
The problem was that the administrator account on the computer the printer was attached to was disabled.  I went into administrative toos, computer management, Users and Groups, and there was a red X over the admin account.  i right clicked it and clicked enable and set a new password.  Now it's working fine from a networked PC not on the domain.  

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