Messages with an unreachable destination. Queue

I’m looking at the SMTP default virtual server Queues, specifically the “Messages with an unreachable destination” Queue and I have over 150 messages in the queue, over 95% of them are inbound messages. Why is this happening and how do I prevent it from sticking in the queue?

Thank you for your time
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at something like GFI Mail Essentials. This will sit in front of the Exchange server between it and the Internet. It can do a lookup on your AD database and block any emails with addresses that don't exist on your domain.

Exchange 2003 has the feature built in.

Are those valid e-mails for real mailboxes, or they look like spam?

What error are you getting when you trying to force it go ?
mspencer100Author Commented:
All the inbound stuff looks like spam... so i did not force it yet.
StFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if it look like a spam, there is nothing much you can do:

some messages (spam especially) are generated by scripts and sometimes are not formed correctly, so they may stuck in inbound queue.  If they all come from same place - block the recipients domain , or obtain some sort of spam filters.

try to force one message through and see if there any error message.
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