"Customize Outlook Today" does not function

MS Outlook 2000 SP-3  (
I want to make 'outlook today' my default view when launching outlook.
According to Clippit, all I have to do is click on "Customize Outlook Today" button, and change a few settings in there.
Unfortunately, nothing happens when I click on the button.
I have done a "detect and repair", as well as "Add / remove features" from the CD, but to no avail.
My preferred solution would be instructions on how to fix the button to access the settings page, but I will also consider accepting the keys to add/delete/modify in the registry just to be able to have it default to 'Outlook Today' rather than 'Inbox'.

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meintsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Common problem....
Had to fix several here at work.......

snurfleAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million...

I wish Microsoft would either quit screwing up half their software every time they "fix" a problem, or at least make the solutions easier to find... I had searched their site for the better part of an hour looking for "customize"... I wish they would've said I needed to search for "kbprb"!!!
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