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There are a couple mailboxes/calenders that several people open up everyday and check.
They are putting things on the calendar and setting up the reminders to email them at their own email account.  It doesn't work.  The reminder won't come up either.

Am I missing something very fundamental?  I'm nowhere close to being an expert at this by any means.  I gave myself access to the calendar, opened it up, set a few reminders and none of them ever pop up.

I am sure there is an easy explanation for this??  We don't do any customising to anything, so its just a mailbox using the same mail template that came as default!
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The simplest way is to set up each event in the shared calendar as a meeting, and have the user invite himself to the meeting.  That will allow him to place the meeting into his own calendar as well.

If you all you are aiming for is the send-mail-at-appointed-tme functionality, then a relatively simple agent will do that.  Interested?
The calendar/alarm event is monitored to check your mail not any other mail..

If you choose the mail db to be the shared mail then specify that in location doc and alarm monitors that database !

kjbbnkAuthor Commented:
This shared mail database is something they use once in awhile, its not their primary mail database.

They still have their own and use that one all day.

So there is no way to get this database's calendar to send them these reminders (its set up so that it is supposed to email them)
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You'd need an agent to check that and to send mail. Unfortunately, the agent cannot be made very precise, so reminders may be sent (too) late. Usually, applications implementing some sort of central calendar try to insert a copy of a reminder in the person's calendar as well. The hard part is to keep both the person's calendar and the central calendar consistent. There is an underlying mail protocol (yet unknown to me) that takes care of appointment changes: a small mail will be sent to all participants with new info for the appointment.

I think you'd be better of with a CRM application that supports centralized actions and reminders.
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