Allow email access from seperate VLAN

Have a VLAN that is on set to

Our mail server is a different VLAN network...

Need certain users on the VLAN to be able to get email from the network...I have a core switch 4507R, what sort of access-list needs to be put in?
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This sounds like more of a subnetting problem than access list.

Are you using a router between the networks?  
you need someway to get from the 127.17.x.x. network to the 127.16.x.x network

Just my first thoughts
Do you already have access-lists? Do you have the layer 3 routing configured in your switch?


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MCHDMISDEPTAuthor Commented:
I do have layer 3 routing configured on the switch...I also have a LAN to LAN setup between this network and ours...I HAVE A CORRECTION: Their network is provided by their ISP.  I now have a LAN to LAN configured between their office and mine.  Their outside IP is 209.40.171.x  I want to be able to provide access to our email server for EXCHANGE and POP mail.  Please advise.

permit ip host any (4024 matches)
    20 permit tcp any host eq telnet (7273 matches)
    30 permit tcp any host eq telnet (37567 matches)
    40 permit tcp any host eq telnet (3 matches)
    50 permit tcp any host eq 143
    60 permit udp host eq domain (1077 matches)

    70 permit udp host eq domain (1365 matches)

    80 permit icmp any host (855 matches)
    90 permit tcp host eq www (1433 matches)
    100 permit tcp host eq www (875 matches)
    110 permit tcp host eq www (10 matches)
    120 permit tcp host eq www (836 matches)
    130 permit tcp host eq www (632 matches)
    140 permit tcp host eq www (263 matches)
    150 deny ip any (75050 matches)
    160 permit ip any any (352996 matches)
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Where is this LAN-LAN setup ? Is it a VPN tunnel? Hard wired? Different VLAN?
Where do you have this access-list applied? It appears to be an outbound access-list....
Where is your exchange/pop server in realation to this?
I'd have to see the complete config of your 4507R to be much more help.. I need the big picture here..
MCHDMISDEPTAuthor Commented:
LAN to LAN is from PIX 501 to Concentrator 3000...yes, it is a VPN tunnel.  No NOT a different VLAN.  The exchange server is on 172.16.0.x network.  In the concentrator I have defined network lists that associate with only certain ip's on the 172.16.0.x network...these are working fine...except for mail.  
Does your network list on the 3000 include the mail server lan? I assume yes since everything else works.
Any other restrictions on the 3000 access-list?
Is there an acl applied to the VLAN interface facing the 172.16.0.x subnet where the server lives? You posted an acl for the 172.17.0.x VLAN...
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