movie and sound problem

i ve download one movie from the internet but when i play that first i have the sound but  the related scean come later. how to solve this? is there any software for that. and the movie is not clear. only downloaded movies. the games and all are very clear. i have nvdia 256 mb asus agp card. 1024 mb ram intel p4 3,2ghz processor with ht technology. abit mother board. on board sound. the sound also not good. i have 5,1 channel creative speaker. is there any way to improve my sound.
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My First guess would have to be the movies source.  It's highly possible that this movie wasnt encoded well, meaning that the problem is not with your hardware at all.  Are you downloading the movie, or "streaming it".  If your streaming it, it's very possible that it's related to the speed of your internet connection.  

Onboard sound is not the greatest, but should be more than adequete for most applications, and shouldnt sound scratchy, be full or pop's or hisses.  Make sure your speakers, and speaker wires are isolated from as many other cords and cables as possible, including walls where electrical may run behind the drywall.  Make sure you have your speakers pluged into the correct jack on your sound card.  If your using a single input to your speakers, they are usually green to green. Alot of sound cards have digital outputs, line level outs, and center and rear surround outs.  Consult your manual and make sure everything is where it's supposed to be pluged in at.

If you find out more details, post again, will do what I can.
Try downloading the Mega Codec Pack...

It's been known to solve many problems with audio and video being out of sync.
Had the same problem...  try to download the AC3 filter
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Mega Codec Pack includes the AC3 filter along with some sync'ing additions
Here is a good media player: Media Player Classic
I had problems too and this helped me alot as it has most of the codecs, etc.
Like already mentioned maybe your source is the issue.
Here are some more good sides on codecs for movies
Codecs for media formats and files

try the K-Lite Codec Pack 

I had similar problem and downloaded the codec from Microsoft to fix it .

also from that same website..they have a tool that supposedly shows what codecs are needed to play certain files.  You could try it from here

most of the codecs that you could need can be downloaded here

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Try installing DivX most movies are compressed in it .
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