Datareport - Failed getting Rowset(s) from current data source error is produced when I want to print the report two times.

I have a form that has two buttons on it: Print Preview and Print.
When I print preview this datareport it works fine. I can close the preview window and click Print Preview again to see it as many times as I wish.
If I click on the Print button, the complete report (All pages) prints out fine.
The problem occurs if I click on the Print button again in order to print out multiple reports, I get the following error: Failed getting Rowset(s) from current data source?

Private Sub butPrintPreview_Click()
        deEstimations.cmdHeader frmEstimationDesc.currentItem
        rptNoteFr.WindowState = 2
        rptNoteFr.Show vbModal, Me
        Set deEstimations = Nothing
End Sub
Private Sub butPrint_Click()
        deEstimations.cmdHeader frmEstimationDesc.currentItem
        rptNoteFr.WindowState = 2
        rptNoteFr.PrintReport (False)
        Set deEstimations = Nothing
End Sub

I don't know why it is doing this.
My Print Preview button works fine as many times as I would like it to. But not my Print button function?
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Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:
Try by removing the statement
>>Set deEstimations = Nothing

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Ashutosh VyasFounder, InitQubeCommented:
Set deEstimations = Nothing

sets deEstimations to Nothing and therefore deEstimations.cmdHeader frmEstimationDesc.currentItem
is noting and hense you get the error.
dcprogAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys.

I tried removing the Set deEstimations = Nothing. The error is still occuring. What I don't understand is that the PrintPreview button works fine and it is basically the same? I never get that errror when I preview?

A little more info on my DataEnvironment:

        1 DataEnvironment  (Mostly default settings)
        Name -> deEstimations

1 DEConnection (Mostly default settings)
        Name -> conEstimations
        CommandTimetout -> 30
        ConnectionSource -> Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Estimations\DONNEE95.MDB;Persist Security Info=False
        ConnectionTimeout -> 15
        CursorLocation -> 3 - adUseClient
        DesignPromptBehaviour -> 2 - adPromptComplete
        DesingSaveAthentication -> False
        RunPromptBehaviour -> 2 - adPromptComplete
        RunSaveAuthentication -> False

Many Commands and Child Commands
        All commands are based on an sql statement and have many child commands.

Could this error be occuring because of these settings? Again I wouldn't understand why since the PrintPreview works fine.

Let me know if you need more info.
dcprogAuthor Commented:
You guys were partially right about removing the Set deEstimation = Nothing statement.
By removing this it still didn't work but after trying some stuff I discovered if add deEstimations.conEstimations.Open at the beginning of my command it worked.

I did the same for my PrintPreview command. Now everything seems to be working fine.

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