Browser Hijack ??

I am working with a customer ( on Windows ME, using Internet Explorer) who is having recurring spyware issues.

I have run SpySweeper, AdAware & SpyBot repeatedly to eliminate numerous issues, but it appears the root cause has not been detected yet.

2 programs I noticed running are highly suspicious.  However, I can find nothing that talks about how to remove them.

Anyone familiar with the programs..........Wbzfyq or Jqhkmu ?

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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello BrettFavre4 =)

U are running WinME, so are u disabling System Restore >>
Also Download these tools and install them:
AdAware ==>
SpyBot  ==>
CoolWebShredder ==>

Then Run all of them one by one in safemode and delete everything they detect.
Then delete the temporary internet files and history of IE
and run Disk Cleanup on ur hard drive to delete those temp and junk files.
Restart back in Normal Mode to check for the problems now ??

If still no luck then Download HijackThis v1.98.2 from here, run it and Save the LOG file:

Then Post that log at this site >>
and it will automatically analyse it for u,,, Fix the entries which it labels as Nasty :)
To Fix, check the lines and click on Fix Checked !!

HJT Log Tutoriol >>

CAUTION: Before fixing the entries in hijackthis, make sure that they are really Nasty and can be deleted, better u first research for it on Google and then when u will confirm that they shud be deleted, Fix them. And whenever u run Hijackthis, run it from a New folder on ur desktop, so that in case of any problem, u can take advantages of its created backups of fixed items. And in case if u still face problems in dealing with it, just analyse ur log at the above site, and then scroll down where u will see a Save Analyse button, hit it and it will save ur Log Analysation, then copy the link of that page and paste it here, and we will check it for u :)
luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you update spybot and adaware before running and did you run them in both safe and normal mode? Also turn off system restore before running.

If AFTER you do that, then I would suggest downloading and running hijackthis:

Here is a tutorial on HijackThis

Post your hijackthis log file at this website:

SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> Anyone familiar with the programs..........Wbzfyq or Jqhkmu ?

nopes they are just JUNK Items,,,, if u can find them on ur system, just delete them in safemode :)
Also dont forget to use msconfig to eliminite unwanted items >
Good Luck :)
BrettFavre4Author Commented:

The key point was making sure that I ran the tools in normal AND safe mode.


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