Disable address bar, back and next buttons of IE browser.


 I have created a web site for examiniation,
 When a user click on start exam, a new window opens using window.open method ( no address  bar, back buttons etc.)  but many users has popup window disabled on their machines so they unable to appear for exam.

 Now to overcome this, I have opened  exam screen using response.Redirect method, but this new IE window opens with  back button, next button and address bar.

 My problem is how to disable this address bar, back button and next button.

 If any one having suggestions for this problem, please help us, it is urgent.

 Thanks & Regards,
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The only way to remove address bars, menus, scrollbars, etc. is by using the window.open() event, and even that is not 100% foolproof, as you will likely run into some trouble wint Win XP SP 2.  Your best bet is to display a message to users telling them to disable popup blockers while they take your test.
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cLFlaVA is right.

You can never fully remove the options for the use to go back and stuff. You can open your window in fullscreen ( fullscreen=yes ), but that is IE only and users can still go back.

You can use window.showModalDialog( ) to open a new window and this will open a window that the user must interact with.

clFlava i have a question. Does SP2 block all popups or just unrequested ones?
lol, cute jb :)

I'm not sure, my employer has refused to allow us to install SP2 until they're done with our own in-house usability testing.  I believe their popup blocking is simlar to FireFox's : unrequested popups.

I may be wrong though.
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I think hidding BACK button isn't full solution, because backspace works even if back button isn't displayed.

If you want totaly secure application then you must write your own java Client/Server application (or something similar)
yeah, along with BACK button, you'd need to disable right click > back, Ctrl + left arrow, the menu bar (Go > Back), special mouse buttons, etc.
Also mouse gestures in Mozilla browsers, etc.
Use a Modeless dialog

  var win = window.showModelessDialog("modalExam.htm",null,"dialogWidth=700px;dialogHeight=600px")

then in the page modalExam.htm have

<iframe src='Exam1.htm' height=100% width=100%></iframe>

which is an iframe containing the first page Exam1.htm of the exam. The iframe allows you to navigate to the other exam pages.
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