.ost/offline use cause Outlook hang/crash

Hello, having some issues with a user and .ost files.  Exchange 2000, Office 2000 environment.  Outlook will  not open when offline files are enabled.  Outlook works perfectly normal when there is no .ost and offline use disabled.

This is what I have done thus far:

--.ost was 1.6 GB in size, had user archive mail and now (recreated) .ost at 1GB
--freed up space on the HD

This seemed to work for a short amount of time (1/2 a day), then same problem occurs.

--New HD image, new office install (with all applicable updates), new user profile.
--Recreate .ost offline file

Same issue occurs after short use.  Outlook will not open at all or completely hang on exit or synch.  I have re-created the .ost file numerous times and also ran the scanost.exe utility on the file.  Errors are repaired, the file will work for a short time and then crash.  The scan utility finds errors again,  repairs and same result.  As I mentioned everything is fine when offline use (and .ost deleted) is disabled.

Is there a single item (message, attachment, calendar, contact,etc) on the server that could be corrupt and causing this?  Is there any way for me to better troubleshoot the issue?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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byteknightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello avantorni,

maybe the user hard disk itself is the problem.
Run a full chkdsk with all options or change the HD for a test.
Also bad system memory could be the problem -> change the memory for a test

ayantorniAuthor Commented:
thanks teknight,

Good info, but I should have been more specific in saying that the New HD image is on a completely different (&functional) HD/Laptop.  So completely different hardware produces the same results.   At this point I'm wondering if deleting/recreating the users mailbox on Exchange would even help.  

Hello ayantori,

OK, hardware should not be problem.
Another troubleshooting way is to rebuild the users mailbox on the exchange server.

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