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Windows 2000 Server crashed

Hi, our Windows 2000 Server just totally locked up and we dont know why. I realize there are a million different things that could cause this. Nothing show up in the windows event log. What other logs or systems could we look at to get an idea? Thanks.
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If you do a ctrl + alt  + del are there any processes that stand out as having high utilization? If so have you tried process explorer 8.4 from www.systernals.com ?  How is it in safe mode?
prodierAuthor Commented:
None stand out no, i mean it froze, we did a hard reboot, and now it seesm to be fine. We just want to know what happened.

With nothing to go on - no event log clues - any minidumps etc? Then you're effectively troubleshooting in the dark with your hands behind your back. First thing to do is ask yourself what has changed if this is the first time this server has done this - ie msupdates, new hardware, new software?These can often be responsible.  How old is the server - any chance that the ram or hdd is developing faults? - test them if possible. Is the server overloaded at all?

All you can do for now is assess what may have changed, check the hardware, then monitor the server for now...
Sorry not exactly helpful - looks like you have nothing to go on unless you have made some changes etc.

Deb :))

Ermm, are you SURE there's nothing in the event logs...all of them?  I mean seriously, the server logs should at least be telling you "Um, I think I just rebooted".  :)

"Help me, help you." ~Jerry Maguire
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