USB card on an old PC?


I need to connect a USB device to a computer that doesnt have a USB card. The problem I'm facing is that all the PCI slots are already in use. Is there such thing as a USB card that plugs into the ISA slot? Any links/tips appreciated.

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The USB specifications has only included the PCI bus interface. There is no standard for a non PCI USB controller that I know of.

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There is no such thing as an ISA Usb card.  You also need to be using Windows 98SE or later to enable USB support reliably.

How important is it that you connect this USB Device?  

There are adapters out there I know that can lead a USB device into a scsi card, but by the time you purchase that stuff, you have spent more than the device itself.


I'd call them and tell them exactaly what your doing and see if they can recomend something.
No, but you should be able to replace one of the PCI cards with an ISA then use a PCI card for your USB. ISA is pratically extinct so you should be able to find one cheap/free
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What devices do you have in your PCI slots? Maybe we can find you a combo card that can free up one of your slots
My friend you are out of options. I think a way around it would be to use an external modem. It is an expensive option though.

Hope that helps

All of these solutions are great for leaving the initial system in tact but the amounts you're all on about spending is about the same as buying a new motherboard/processor/ram... which will have USB on it and be much faster anyway.
In many cases, you can replace the pci cards for those devices with an ISA one
Network card
VGA card (or video)
Sound card
OliWarner, sorry to disagree, but the expense of a PCI USB Card can be under $10. Search for the string "pci usb"...there are dozens under $10.
And you can combine a modem and sound card into one card for only $20. ( )

I'd like to see this new mobo cpu and ram combo you speak of that costs only $30!
A second hand P2 base unit...

I can find them locally for £20 a shot.
I can't say it seems worth replacing an entire motherboard ram and cpu to save $5 when all you'd need to do is install a new PCI card. I guess that's up to the author though.
Its not just gaining USB though is it? I have to guess that if the current PC doesnt have USB its P1 or earlier...

A dirty little upgrade could make other things work a lot faster too...
andrewf10Author Commented:
Sorry about the delay.

What I've done is I've taken out the modem because the guy I built the machine for doesnt want the internet (!). This allowed me to buy a USB card and get it shipped for under €10 which is a cheap fix.

Obviously taking out one of the other PCI cards and getting an ISA equivalent was another alternative.

Thanks for the ideas
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