Norton AV & Norton Personal Firewall Won't Start

I started my computer up yesterday and now Norton AV & Norton Firewall won't start up at windows logon. I had installed BHO Demon the night before, so I tried uninstalling it and trying again. Niether of them will start, they won't even enable. I've triend uni-installing them both and installing MacAffee and that works, so I did a virus scan with that. I uninstalled MacAffee and put Norton AV and Firewall back on... and STILL the same problem. I'm out of ideas!

OS: Windows XP Home Ed.
CPU(Dualing): AMD Athlon XP 2.8Ghz x 2(Yes that's 5Ghz! :-P)
RAM: 2048Mb
Primary HD: 60Gb Western Digital
Secondary HD: 120Gb Estern Digital
Gpx Card: nVidia Quadro FX 3000 256Mb
Sound Card: Creative Labs DD 5.1 Digital Output
Other Misc: Aark 24 Midi Proccessor, 4x Firewire, 6x USB(2.0), Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer

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RythemRebelAuthor Commented:
Oh! One more thing I need to add... I have a monitor with a built in card reader connected by USB. SD, Smart Media etc...

Primary Drive: Hewlett Pakard DVD-ROM 52x
1st Secondary: Hewlett Pakard DVD-RW 36x
2nd Secondary(Firewire): Sony High Speed CD Burner/Duplicator 56x
A good place to start would be Norton's online knowledge base at

Symantec products are NOTORIOUS for not uninstalling completely, and that BHO Demon (even though I'm not familiar with that specific product) probably broke or removed the BHO's that the norton products installed.

You didn't mention the version of Norton product that you are using, so I'm going to assume it's Norton Personal Firewall (NPF) 2004 that installs Norton Antivirus (NAV) with it.

This web page:

Details how to (almost completely) remove NPF from your system.

This page:

details how to remove NAV2004 from your system.

Walk through those, removing NPF and NAV completely.

Remove that BHO Demon program and never run it again *grin*...

Reinstall NPF (will install NAV too I believe, by default)...

See if it all works.
I have had the same problems with NAV and NFW 2002 and 2003 working on the same machine without having to reinstall one of them every few months. This last time I could not get NAV working with NFW again. Finally I removed NFW and installed Zone Alarm. The two programs seem to work in harmony.

Oh, I do not recall which OS you are using. Norton AV 2004 does not work with win 98, win98se.


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gonzal13: You are incorrect about Norton Antivirus not working on Windows 9x.  It does just fine.
Pardon me... I meant to say that NAV 2004 works fine on 9x

You forgot to do your homework:

Comment from TelNetSystems
Date: 05/15/2004 08:49PM PDT

According to the lastest issue of PCWorld, Norton AntiVirus 2004 ran very sluggishly on their P3, 800MHZ, 256MB test machine.  They report NAV 2004 taking over 12 minutes to scan 575MB of data on that system and noticably longer start up and shut down times.  Keep that in mind when comparing performance on your own machine.

For what it is worth, I had a similar Win 98 machine that I spent HOURS trying to install NAV 2004 on before giving up and installing MacAfee AV 2004 instead.  I never did figure out why it wouldn't install

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In my experience, NAV relies heavily on a nice clean install of IE.  I have had a bear of a time getting NAV2003 and 2004 to install properly on systems that had recent spyware problems, etc... where browser helper objects and other nasty things had hooked in to IE.

Did a reinstall of IE, got updates, etc... NAV install went fine.  Amazing, eh?

Amaizing =)
Welcome to EE

This question is still open?  We need a resolution here...
By the way, I installed Norton AV 2005 and on the second attempt on XP Pro it worked great. I also have it on win98.
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