Maintain state of checkbox While Paging

Posted on 2004-10-26
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I need to maintain a checkbox's "checked" status while paging back and forth with a querystring on the same page. I think this will require vb or javascript to work.

Here is my code:

Dim i
      For i=1 To pagesize

      r = n Mod 2
      if r <> 0 then
         rowColor = "#FFF0AF"
         rowColor = "#F0FFCF"
      end if

Dim vAuthCode,vNPANXX,vAddDate,vActiveDate,vDeactiveDate
Dim vRouting,vCarrier,vAuthType

vAuthCode = RS("auth_code")

vA_NPA = left(RS("auth_code"),3)
vA_NXX = mid(RS("auth_code"),4,3)
vA_Num = right(RS("auth_code"),4)
<tr bgcolor="<%=rowcolor%>">
<td align=center nowrap><font class=content><%=vA_NPA%>-<%=vA_NXX%>-<%=vA_Num%></font></td>
<td align=center nowrap><input type=checkbox name="ordernum" id="ordernum" value="<%=vAuthCode%>"></td>
 End If
<tr><td colspan=99 align=right bgcolor="#BBBBBB">
<input type=hidden name="action" id="action" value="bulkOrder"><input style="width: 200px;" class=button type=submit name=submit1 id=submit1 value="RESERVE SELECTED NUMBERS" onClick="return confirmSubmit()"></td></tr></table></td></tr></table>
<blockquote><font class=content><b>Jump to Page: </b>
if not isEmpty(Request.QueryString("sort")) then
vSort="sort=" & column
ElseIf not isEmpty(Request.QueryString("sortd")) then
vSort="sortd=" & column
End If

Dim x, lb, ub
      For x=1 To numpages
        lb = (x-1) * pagesize + 1
        ub = x * pagesize
        If ub > numrecs Then ub = numrecs
        If x <> mypage Then
          Response.Write("<a class=content href=number_inventory.asp?page=" & x & "&select2="& vFilter2 &"&recs=" & pagesize & "&"& vSort &">" & lb & "-" & ub & "</A>")
          Response.Write(lb & "-" & ub)
        End If
        If x <> numpages Then Response.Write(" | ")

End If

      Set RS = Nothing
      Set objConn = Nothing
Question by:xeroflux
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    input type=checkbox name="ordernum" id="ordernum" value="<%=vAuthCode%>" <% if( Request.QueryString( "ordernum" ) <> "" ) then Response.Write( "checked" ) end if%> >
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    Expert Comment

    Building on justinbillig's comment.

    Lets say you have this variable that you want to carry over to another page..

    CurTime = now()

    You 1st need to send it to the next page.  The only way this can be done is with a Form or Querystring depending on your needs. I have done it with both.

    Response.redirect("nextpage.asp?CurTime=" & CurTime)

    Then on the next page you can get the CurTime value using this:

    CurTime = Request.QueryString("CurTime")

    Author Comment

    The pagination runs on the same page. The only time the form would be submitted is after you've checked your checkboxes from the various pages.

    The paging querystring could be used to trigger a javascript that detects what has been checked on each page and holds them in a cookie or array.

    Neither of your answers really solves the problem.
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    Accepted Solution


    I am not sure but this is just an idea. I think the only way to go over your problem is using cookies cause it can be set using client side scripting like javascript. You can use the checkbox as a way in setting the cookies. When you check one of the checkbox you will set the cookies using client side scripting

    below is a link that might help...

    Now when you pass the page on the pages you can read the cookies using serverside so that you can preserved the checkbox value

    below is a link that might be helpful in reading cookies server side.

    now you can something like this in your page

    <input type=checkbox name="ordernum" id="ordernum" value="<%=vAuthCode%>" <%=setSelect(vAuthCode)%>>

    Now your function would be something like this...

    Function setSelect(a)
    for each x in Request.Cookies
    if trim(a) = trim(Request.Cookies(x))then
    setSelect = "checked"
    exit for
    end if
    end function

    This will compare the the dynamic values with cookie collection everytime the page is loaded put checked if data is the same... that way will preserv the checkboxes...

    This is just an idea out of my brain... I am not sure if this will work but you can give it a try....


    HAppy programming...

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