Need Help on How to use services offered by

   I got a project to develope a website for one of the retailers of DirecTV. The requirement which are specified for the project is to have the following features on the website
1. The customer should be able find if the local channels are available in the particular zip code.
2. To verify the customer from his address.
   Both of these features are available on But they don't have any guide on how to use those features from third party website. Is there anybody who has work on a similar project and knows about how to use these services?
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nan1217Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't use the language that they are but generally when you submit a form (in just plain html) their processing can continue using their language.

The issue you're probably running into is that you're bypassing the login step and so you aren't authenticating therefore the session expired message.  If there was a way I could login, I would but my hands are tied on that.
This page - - on their site has a place to enter a zip code.  That form submits to /DTVAPP/ on their site.  This worked for me submitting the zip code from my site to their site.

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="text" name="zip">
<input type=submit>
Regarding the second question you asked, I'm not sure what you mean by verify them by their address?
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psp34Author Commented:
Thanx nan1217,
   It was helpful. But the services that offers are little bit different.
1. The Zip code - local channel lookup also provides information about the hardware requirement in that particular area. (This is not available on
2. Verification of customer basically returns the results if the customer is a new cuistomer or not.
I think I will need more help on these issues.
Thank you,
1.)  You can use my idea of submitting to their site but use the information that you can find on  I don't have access to that part of the site.
2.)  Same as #1 if you are saying that has the capabilities of looking up new customers.  Do the search on your site and submit to their site and process the results.

psp34Author Commented:
I tried the solution you suggested on but gives me an error mssg that the session has been expired. I am not a expert programmer. Can you tell me which language they have used on their website?
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