Hey guys, I have the page up with these CSS dropdowns.


Problem: I want my menu to stay in place when i minimize the screen pulling from the side. So If I shrink the side of the page down the pulldowns don't layer ontop of each other.  I think the reason this is happening is that the navigation menu is absolutely positioned?

Any help would be great.  Here is the page of the working pull downs and how i want them to react to browser window manipulation.


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You could just do a view source on their site. I did it and all of there code is right there to learn from. I am sure you know this, but just in case you do not. In IE choose View>>Source and the source code can be view in notepad.
JoshNYC128Author Commented:
That doesn't help me resolve the problem.
JoshNYC128Author Commented:
Actually try http://www.joshuaspindel.com/cems/default.html 

I had to make the navigation bar ABSOLUTE so it would be positioned in the correct spot.  However, when the screen is maximized or minimized it doesn't move relative with the rest of the screen.  I'm defining screen as the div with id = content.

Also for some reason... in IE things get jumbled up? Pull downs work in Mozilla except for the positioning problem.

Ideas would be great

Example at http://www.arantius.com/ee/Q_21166303.html

If you want an absolutely positioned div to move with your content, put it in a <div style="positon: relative;">

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