Two projectors on one computer?

How can I connect two overhead projectors to one computer?  Is there a special y-cable, or do I need a device?
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there are many types of things u can get, this one offers a booster.


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there are cheaper vga splitters too in case you don't want to spend $110
In my experience, I do not recommend going cheap with an unamplified video splitter.  The reason is VGA signal levels are around 0.7 volts for full on, so splitting them will drop the voltage.  The video amplifier will bring the signal back up to 0.7 after splitting, so you don't end up with a dark picture.  I personally use a Kramer VP-300 unit from, and one of the outputs is a projector.  I don't see any problems with the image.
2 VGA cards in the same PC still seems a good option if u can find PCI vga on the markets

u'll be able to run 2 desktops at the same time
or merge this if that's what u want
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