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I've been able to make circles and triangular shaped guis using regions, but is there a way to have the gui in the shape of an image? For instance, what if I have an image of a bicycle and would like to make this the gui... I just want the bicycle to show up or what ever image is used. This is not possible with regions because it won't work by just clipping regions... How can I do this? I've seen guis where the gui is in the form of a person... So it's possible but I just don't see how? Any help...
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zahabyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can do it using transparency
1- put an image in your resource in the project (with back ground for examlpe whit)
2- make it the form background
3- make the transperency for the white colur

a very good sample can be found to show your the idea can be located at :
Fahad MukhtarConnect With a Mentor Distinguished EngineerCommented:
the basic thing to do this is to create a form with some background color, and set the properties:
TransparenceKey -> Form's Background color
FormBorderStyle -> None
and then Override the Form_Paint function

you can find the whole application from here:

for more help:
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