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I also left an additional comment to the question titled Outlook Attendees posted back in 98 because I am having the same issue today and the Accepted answer is not the answer.  My problem is that a termed person who does not have an email account nor is she in any Active Directory groups or a delegate of any kind who is getting sent notifications for a calendar even and therefor the owner of the calendar event is getting an email stating that the notification can't be sent to the termed person's address.  She said the person has never been a delegate in her Outlook and she has the event set to notify individual people and not groups. Please help!
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Maximus0375Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you might have some corruption in your Information Store database. I had this problem 2 years ago & fixed the issue by running the isisnteg utility against the databsde in order to fix any corruption. Remember to run the tool at least twice (until it no longer finds & fixes any errors. Here is the MS article:;EN-US;182081

Let me know how it turns out.
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