timestamp problem about IIS log file

In our IIS Web server, one web site has Enable Logging selected. So all requests to IIS server are logged.

My question is why the log file has the records with timestamp later than when I copied the log file.  I copied the log file at 3pm and found records with 9pm timestamp in the copied file.  So I lost the trust in the accuricy of the timestamp, which is a important factor for my analysis.

I checked the server time it is correct.

Please help.

Jinghui LiAsked:
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are the two machine in sync as far as time?
This is worth checking out,
IIS Log File Entries Have the Incorrect Date and Time Stamp

Deb :))

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All IIS logfiles (W3SVC, SMTP, FTP, NNTP) are in GMT time.  This cannot be changed.

eg: My local timezone is GMT+10 so I need to add 10 hours to the log timestamp to figure out local time.

IIS 5+ allow you to use midnight your time for rollover to a new day's logfile but that's about the limit of what you can do.

If you are doing log analysis with the files you will need to adjust the timestamps in your database to the local time to graph out usage correctly. (don't forget to adjust the dates accordingly as well).  Most log analysis tools will do this for you.
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I already said that in my link Alimu if you read it - what is it with people duplicating my posts tonight??? Please read other's answers before posting,

"The selected log file format is the W3C Extended Log File Format. The extended log file format is defined in the W3C Working Draft WD- logfile-960323 specification by Phillip M. Hallam-Baker and Brian Behlendorf. This document defines the Date and Time files to always be in GMT. This behavior is by design. ""
actually I did read your post, you didn't provide detail but posted a link to another site which is neither here nore there.  It is useful for at least a brief summary to be included on experts exchange so that it is added to the knowledge base - that was my intent, as far as points go, they're all yours and apologies if I caused offense.
Hi Alimu
You didn't cause offense - but by the time I got to the email from your post I had had a number of people saying pretty much exactly what I had already said so my patience had worn thin - I hope you didn't find my comment offensive as that wasn't my intent so apologies, as I enjoy working with other experts very much, rather than against them - lots more fun and much more constructive for all of us. At the end of the day the ultimate aim is to help and avoid (hopefully) costly tech support for people as this site can be such a mine of valuable information for all of us. Hopefully we're now cool ;-))

Deb :))
no problem was just trying to pad out the detail for benefit of knowledge base. (and on a normal day I can also spell the word "nor" - doing well :)   )
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