outlook asking for missing file sku111.cab

My Outlook 2003 has started to load the windows 2003 office installer everytime I start it and everytime I change into the mail editor. It is looking for the file sku111.cab but cannot be found on the installation CDs or my hard drive. There have been no new programs installed I have already performed a restore from a previous date and was not having any trouble with Outlook prior to today. What do I do about this missing cab file?
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Looks to me there is an issue in the installation of your office. I can see complete reinstallation with a good CD is the way to solve this
Is it possible for you to uninstall office and reinstall completely ?

How about starting outlook in safe mode (start > run > outlook.exe /safe) .Does it have the same effect.

What do you mean by changing into mail editor.. If you donot use word as email editor , does it work


Have you searched for that file in your hard drive..
if yes do this
open outlook , go to help menu and do a detect and repair
if by any chance it asks for that CAB file , point it to the location it is in your computer and seeif that helps

if not , try to copy the entire office CD to your hard drive and then install office again and check
selangfittAuthor Commented:
I unfortunately don't have the time or patience to reinstall these programs. I was hoping someone could tell me where to find this "missing" file. It is not on my hard drive and does not exist on the install CDs either. I am able to repeatedly hit cancel anytime the installer tries to start up and work right through this. Thanks for the advise.
It appears that this is a very common issue from what I've read.  (http://www.mcse.ms/post2346522.html)
The sku111.cab file is most likely contained within another .cab file on either the Office CD or one of the other office components (Front Page, etc).  The suggestion is to reinstall from the CD using an ENFORCECACHE = 1 in the .ini file to maintain the setup files on the hard drive.



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