Network security

Hello people i have a friend that adminsters a large network 100 users ++

And get this, their switch is located in a room that is as good as open to the public.

I have warned him that if somebody left their laptop in that place for a day or so they
could pick up a lot of info from the network right?

What kind of programs would do this job ?

Is there anyway hw could notice if such programs where running?
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methabhayaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Basically you want to hack into this switch ?

I will not tell you how but how to prevent it :)

There are several ways to prevent this:

1. On a switch it's possible to have MAC address security for each port. enable it so that each port can be used by 1 or many known MAC addresse(s) only. so if you plugin a laptop it cannot go anywher and usually if it's a good switch will LOG the violation and log things like MAC/DATE/TIME and port, some high end switches would e-mail the violation immediately.  

2. In order to get into their network you will need basic info like IP class and format to access. if it's all DHCP then you will automatically get an IP. In that case run a program like Ethreal or Network OBSERVER or any other Protocol Analyser. this will give you all sniffer access to their network and will be able to SNIFF each packet and decode it.

3. I would say that he needs to lock that closet and/or post a security guard near it.

4. Obviously this company has NO clue about security and that means their network will also be wide open. I would advise you to report this to their management to prevent it. This is how hackers get into other people's network and disrupt valuable work.

daxa78Author Commented:
Thianks for the input. I do not wish to get into the switch. I have too much to lose :-)

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