Migrating sage V 7.0 and office 1997....documents etc

I have a client with 2 * win 95 pc's and they were originally going to change both for xp pc's but later decided they only really use one pc.

They currently use old pentiums with windows 95, office 97 and "sage line 50 V 7.0"

From memory will sage allow me to backup to a file, load it on a new pc and load the data file to that pc?

I have read that office 97 is compatible with windows XP home/pro and im sure I have done this myself, but I have also read about a number of problems people have suffered.  Some say that MS outlook will not work properly.

How do I transfer the documents?  the old HDD's are 2GB's, will they just attach as slave and allow me to transfer smoothly?

if any of the above are going to cause problems it's better for them to spend now rather than later.  

I am also going to network the new xp pc to the second win 95 pc I assume that is ok, thought it was worth meantioning but I have posted it as a separate question.

Thank you

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Yes, with Sage there are two methods of backup.  

One is to use the backup menu option on the file menu.  This can be pointed to  a floppydrive or to a directory on the hard drivem default name is sageback.001, but you can call it anything.  The utility will prompt if you are saving to a floppy and if it fills up a disk, you will be prompted to insert as many blank disks as necessary to backup everything.  By default just the data is saved, but if you have custom layouts, reports etc, these can be done too.  I would suggest you backup to a  directory on the hard drive, then write the image to a cd.  Advatnage with backing up this way is it is easier and uses less space.  Disadvantage: if one byte gets corrupted the whole backup may be unreadable.

The second way to backup is to copy the entire contents of the ACCDATA directory.  This is all the files that make up the data.

Installing on another pc: Install Sage from the CD, type in the serial no and activation code.  Go through the motions of creating a new company, then you can Restore the backup either from the SAGEBACK.001 file created earler, or overwriting the ACCDATA with the ACCDATA copied earlier.

Either way, make sure you do File, Maintenance, Check Data afterwards.  Comments are fine, Warnings can be OK, but Errors can be serious.  Do not press Fix without taking a backup first!!

Offoce 97 works fine with XP.  

What I tend to do with the HD's is to take the CD ROM IDE cable and plug it into the legacy HD, copy the data then return the cable back to the CD ROM.  No worries about jumper settings then.

Networking 95 to XP is fine, so long as you are using TCP/IP.  With Netbeui, XP doesn't support it natively, you have to go through extra hoops to put Netbeui on an XP pc.  It is possible though.
Just read your bit about Outlook 97.  Why not use Mozilla Thunderbird instead?  It will import data from Outlook.

When copying disk to disk I always use XCOPY /S /C >logfile.txt.  That way the whole thing doesn't grind to a halt if an error occurs.  You can find out what didn't copy by looking at logfile.txt afterwards.
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