PcAnywhere connectivity to Speedstream 5200 modem

trying to connect to a computer that has a speedstream 5200 dsl modem via PcAnywhere.  I have set up the  host's speedstream modem for port forwarding for the PCanywhere ports of 5631 and 5632 to the internal lan ip address of  When I try to connect to the the WAN ip address (which I had the office that I am trying to connect to get it from whatismyip.) I am not able to get through to the office.  They are set up as the host waiting for network,cable,dsl connection.

I am trying to connect via the wan address.

Is there something I am missing about setting up their speedstream 5200 dsl modem.  The modem's Lan address is  I have tried setting the port forwarding to that address as well as as .1 address and still was not able to get in.

I am able to ping the Wan address and get replies.

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You will need to forward ports 5631 and 5632 to and you will need to send the request to the WAN IP.  You can use any ports you want:


That's how you can use PCA for multiple hosts.  The full PCA docs for using it through NAT are here:


But you should know, if your network (at either end) is blocking UDP, you're not going to get through.
And, keep in mind, that their PC may even havea software firewall that is not opened up to accept PCA connections from the outside world.  We are getting more complicated as we attempt to protect ourselves from the bad guys.
sissiosborneAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both AutoSponge & CarlWarner:  I have done what both of you said,  forwarded the specific ports and made sure that the software firewall was not up to check and see if that would let me in...no luck...The only thing that I don't know is if there is UDP block as AutoSponge suggested.  I will try again to look at my setting this week and see if I am missing something.
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