Bios and Windows Recognize 2nd hdd but wont show up on My Computer

Hello High Level Techs,

Before I continue let me decribe the specifications of the drives that i have on my PC:

1 Channel Master:  60GB WD ATA
1 Channel Slave:
2 Channel Master: CDROM
2 Channel SLave: CDROM
3 Channel Master: 160GB WD SATA

Motherboard: ABIT MGURU AI7 Intel Chipset

As I described on the title the issue is that Windows XP it shows the drives on the device manager but it wont on My Computer. So the next step I was going to do it was to reinstall windows xp but on the SATA drive. When i got to the installation process i just follow the normal steps to install, i also install the SATA drivers from the floopy disk that came with the MOBO. After that the screen shows me the option to select the drive or the partition tha i want to install so i selected the SATA drive. After that i got a message that says (dont remember the exact meesage) "Windows cannot be intalled on this partition" so the next step ive done was to remove the ATA drive and try to reinstall again with the SATA and still giving me that message and I dont know what else to do. I know that the SATA drive was working fine I have a lot of data that i want but i was just trying to install windows on another folder.

Please Help!!!
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Have you checked Disk Management in Computer Management to ensure it's seen there?  IF this is a disk came out of another system, then it might be a dynamic disk - which you have to import to XP before you'll get a drive letter.

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If the drive is in the computer management->disk manager area, it's probably either:

1) Not partitioned
2) Not formatted
3) Not assigned a drive letter.

All of which can be done in the disk manager.

Drives that don't have a drive letter assigned will not be shown in My Computer.
in device manager, did you check the settings ? right clik on it, select properties, volumes

you can aslo try the problem solver.
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one more question : do the CD drives show?
yeah, it sounds like a problem that can be fixed from disk management.

Right click the "my computer" icon (this does not work on a shortcut to "my computer" it has to be the real "my computer " icon).  Click manage ... This will open the "computer management" tool.

Under the storage link on the left click "disk management" ... here you should be able to see all the disks that are connected to your PC. I suspect that your HDD will be listed here. If your HDD is listed here you might need to right click on it and format it (assuming that it is a brand new disk). If it isnt a brand new disk, click on the disk and go to "actions" in the top menu and select "rescan disks"

You can also assign drive letters here. (Again just right click the drive and select "change drive letters and paths").

Let us know how you got on.

Let's first determine if it's there or just hidden:

Go to Start Menu>Run> and type "driver letter:" (ie D:)
kaniharuAuthor Commented:
yes thanx a lot now i can see it on my computer by importing it but the next issue is that the hdd had 4 partitions and now i cant see any of them i have important data that i need to backup but when i try to access the drive it only ask to format it. so what should do to recover my data?
you can use any of the recovery softwares :                                    ontrack                  Easy Recovery                                    GetDataBack                                    Restorer 2000                        Restoration                        Active undelete
Seems to me like the original question was asked and answered... :)  The links that nobus provided may be a good place to start, but without actually being there to work on the drive, I couldn't tell you what else to do, and I doubt anyone else can.

Chances are all of the data is lost, unless you bring it to a place that will charge you $1000 to recover the drive.  What probably happened was in your attempts to get the drive viewable, you rewrote the partition.  The next step after that is a format.

Had we known this drive had data on it, and had crashed in some way, and that the data on it was vital and in need of recovery, we would have suggested other routes to take.  It would have been a REALLY good idea to provide this information at the beginning.
kaniharuAuthor Commented:
Well thanks a lot to all you u guys gave me a lot of important info so i really apreciate it. I was trying to recover my data and the partitions using easy recovery but it find some unuseful data that i dont really care so well i decided to use a magnet to delete all the info on the hdd. But the person who answer the question and help to recognize the drive on windows was leew but i would like to share the points to some of you but i think i cant so anyway it was been grateful to have you guys as support for my issue.  I hope to be on this forum soonly with some issues that i cant resolve by myself.

Thanks to all of you Masters.
you can split points over more than one person, just click split above the new open space, and allocate points to the people you want; you can even ask a moderator to reopen the question.
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