Looking to get feedback from some experts on an interesting PC monitor.

Would it be possible to manufacture a monitor that doesnt emit light. The monitor i have in mind would have a pigment based screen. Millions of tiny little pigments that change there chemical composition and reflect color from a light source instead of producing light. Let me know what you think of the idea.

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That's an interesting idea - the main drawback of LCDs is bad pixels and the high cost of panels, and the drawback of CRTs is large size, weight, heat and power consumption.  If your pigment-based display has an advantage of these and has equivalent resolution (like 1280 x 1024), then if it is priced correctly it may be a big seller.  The chief question with pigment-based displays, like photographs and paintings, is the color accuracy suffers if the ambient light is not daylight (6500K).
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there have been some developments with e-paper, which is supposed to work in a similar way (but mono only), and they've also got some limitations over space which wouldn't be so bad with the physical volume of a monitor....


I guess the next stage would be colour, and the problem after that would be refresh rates.  But what would be the benefits?


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