Show a progress bar while a screen loads into an i-frame?

Ive got a very large table/row set of data that is being loaded into an i-frame.  Id like to show the user some sort of "Loading..." message in the center of the i-frame while the page is being loaded.  Unfortunately, thats all Ive got.  Sorry, no code yet to speak of...I havent found anything thus far that looks even like a starting point.  
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What technologies are you using?  ASP/msSQL? PHP/MySQL?
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I'm with you,
I like notifying the user that they are going to receive something soon.
I have used two approaches..
One is a Div with a z-index of -1 that says loading or has an animated gif,
so that when the table loads it hides the loading text or image.

The other is by using a javascript function to open a popup window that has an animated loading image (very small window size like 150X150 or something) then at the bottom of the iframe page you include a javascript that closes this window.

Both of these have worked for me even with an iframe.
I can provide some code to this effect if you would prefer.
soBCAuthor Commented:
That'd be great shay.  The div z-index idea is something ive messed with.  If you have an example of that one, id be much obliged.
I use a tool called ABC Upload.  I had to pay for it... and it was really worth it.  However, it works in a simple manner.

Before you post, you have a popup window with an animated gif ... a clock or something.. in the querystring of the popup, you have a random ID number.  That popup is set to repost it self every few seconds.  Each time it reposts, it goes to the server and checks a table called uploads for the same ID number.  In the meantime, your upload page with the file in it is loading.  Once it actually finishes and hits the server, it does an insert in the db with the same random number you sent to that popup.  Once the popup finds the number in the table, it closes itself the next time it posts.

Slick, huh?

The ABC upload component somehow gets the size of the file as well.  Since it has it, it is able to make a progress bar in the popup... which is quite nice.


By the way, if you want to mess with divs, you might hide your text on that page and put in some label about how you are uploading... I sometimes use an animated gif clock.  Unfortunately, I had a few problems with that in older browsers.
here is the div code I have used..
sorry for the delay in response.

<div style="position: absolute; top: 136px; left: 400px; z-index: -1;">One moment please...</div>

Note that the position should be in a location that the table will hide it upon loading.
let me know if you need more.


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