Dell Monitor w/ NVidia GeForce fits half the screen

OK I recently formatted a computer, reloaded Windows XP adn began to update the drivers. The computer is a dell dimension 8300.  I used the DELL resource cd to update the drivers.  I installed this driver for the video card "Dimension 8300 / 8300N Windows XP Drivers >     nVidia 128 MB DDR Nvidia GeForce FX 5200   Rev: A00-00"  everything seems to work ok, then i go to control panel display and change setting back to 1024/768  and it only fits on half the screeen..  I really want that old setting back for the display.. It was original,ly set at that resolution, no hardware changes. Any ideas what I could do? Thanks in advance!!! Would love to get this going tonight....
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have it set to "extend the desktop", and the number of monitors is 1, if you have that option.

I also think the nVidia Detonator drivers will be better for nVidia cards:
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
i do not see the "  "extend the desktop", and the number of monitors is 1, "  option anywhere in the display settings.. i installed that driver and it still giving me same problem... i get a perfect screen when its set at 800 x 600  and  1280 x 1024      first one is too big, second setting too small... really need 1024 x 768
kcarrimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using Plug & Play monitor driver. Check monitor refresh rate. Set it to 70 hertz to start with
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Is this an LCD screen?  If it is, you need to see if the monitor has a "stretch to fit" option when displaying.  Otherwise, you need the same pixel resolution as the screen.
JogorhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"i get a perfect screen when its set at 800 x 600  and  1280 x 1024      first one is too big, second setting too small"

The first thing i thought of when i read this is the background settings. Under your properties settings, in the background tab, what is the wallpaper display shown as? Try setting the resolution to 1024 X 768, and check your wallpaper settings. It sounds like the picture you're setting as the wallpaper is the wrong size. If you try a different wallpaper image, or set the display to strech instead of tile or center it might show up completely.
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
I got the monitor to work by rebooting a few times,I changed nothing.. I think the monitor itself did a calibration. Everything is centered... This will happen again when i format... This is the second time it has happened to me.. Wish there was a way to prevent it from happening next time... Everybody will share thiese points.. I wish I knew how to end the question without giving everbody points.. That would only be fair.. OK thanks again for trying!!
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