I Need a better way to pop thumbnails into a big picture placeholder

I need a non Javascript way to put thumnails into a larger picture. I currently have an asp page with a  large picture and 6 thumbs next to it. I use some simple 'onclick' scripting to make the thumbnail 'pop' into the big picture area. Problem is Norton and Zone Alarm don't like it so many can't see the pictures at all. Is there a better crossbrowser way without a page refresh. Pictures are JPGs stored in a dir. We own the win2000 server so we can try anything.
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It's my opinion that doing this without javascript is going to be a huge pain. Using vbscript will also be a pain; I don't see an easy way to preform this task without refreshing the browser unless you opt for some flash graphics. Using Flash along with a little action script will do exactly what you need, it will look very nice, and every mainstream OS and browser can support it.

Macromedia's Director software package is insanely easier to use than Flash 7 (I believe 7 is the current version) although it is increadiably expensive. You should be able to obtain a trail though.


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