Redirecting My Documents in SBS 2003 via Server Management vs. Group Policy

Here's the issue that' bothering me.  I try to redirect my documents to my homefolder.  The redirection works however I want the contents of My Documents to appear when I open the Home Folder Drive.  Currently, I open the home folder Drive, then i see an additional folder named XXXX's Documents.  I want the home folder to open the same files as My Documents.  

I can't seem to use the '%username%' setting within the Server Management, "Redirect My Documents".  I can use it in the default gROUP policy however.  When I try this it still puts the my documents folder within the home drive.  Does the Redirect my documetns in Server Management override the group policy?  

I have even tried editing the group policy to point to the path \\servername\share\User files\%username%, which is the home folder directory and it still isn't working....I know I've done this before sucessfully but I forgot now.  It seems the Server Management tool to do this is overriding the group policy.
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I think the problem here is perception.

The Homefolder by definition will contain the \my documents (aka \username's documents) subfolder but you have then redirected it from \homefolder\my documents to \homefolder, leaving \username's documents as an artifact of the homefolder redirection.

The way I usually do this is to set the profile/homefolder (usually profile - I rarely touch homefolder) to \server\profiles$\%username% and the my documents to \server\users\%username% so that they are split up, and don't interfere with one another.

I do this on the user object in AD for the profile and in GP for the \my documents

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With group policy you can redirect the my documents folder to the "home directory" folder.

To do this:

User Config- Windows Settings- Folder Redirection- My Documents- then right click and select properties

Choose the basic setting- redirect everyone's folder to the same location

Then under target folder location, choose "redirect to user's home directory"

This is considering you have set the user's "home folder" in the profile tab of their account such as \\server\HomeDir\%username%
Which is mentioned in the above past as well.
tags266Author Commented:
I am able to redirect the my documents folder to the "home directory" folder in the way you specified luv2smile.  However when i open the home folder I then see another folder named xxx's documents and have to open up another folder.  I want just the contents of the my docs folder to be all in the home folder and not within a subfolder entitled My documents...
Which goes back to my point - you can't do that. Your home folder is the root, from which the my documents folder must sit, unless redirected.

Redirecting My Documents to the home folder will get you exactly what you got. You gotta come up with another idea, as the home folder is designed to have more that just documents in it.

I think you should forget about home folders. Don't use them. Just redirect user my documents to \\server\share\username and leave it at that.

tags266Author Commented:
The frustrating thing is I've done this before and had it working exactly like that, but since, have reformatted and forgotten so there's now way to check.  I believe i did it through Group Policy, then folder redirection, then properties, then specified the root folder and redirected my documents to \\servername\files\user files\%username%...i can try that again but it didn't seem it was working...i'm almost positivie thats the way i did it.

Plus, here at work we have a win server 2003 and in group policy we have folder redirection set up and it just says "point my documents to homefolder" , basic setup etc...and it does as specified w/o the subfolder in the home folder.  Anyway, i'll keep researching for now and let you guys know....
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