How do I get the MAC's to run AOL on a DSL connection?

I have a Verizon DSL connection and everything works perfect on the PC's that are on the network but I can't seem to get the MAC's to connect to AOL using the DSL connection.  What Gives?
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Not sure what to tell you on this one. Until recently, I had an AOL account that I connected to without any trouble, both via a local ethernet network and over a DSL line. Maybe I just got lucky with the right settings and never changed them. Let's just say, anyway, that it SHOULD work.

Here are my basic settings. I'm going to assume you are using OSX and AOL 10.3.
From the AOL login screen, click the Setup Button.
In the next window click Expert Setup.
Click Add Location and give it a name. Ignore the other settings in that window and Click OK.
In the next window, click Add a TCP Connection and click OK.
That should do. Try to login.
If it doesn't work, go back to the Settings window. Highlight your new location and click Edit. This will bring up a window where your can select your connection script. It should say TCP. You can change it to DSL. Don't think you should have to change it, though. My guess is it only tells the AOL servers what the speed of your connection is.
Let me know how it does.
Can the Mac connect to the internet in other ways? In other words, does the problem occur only with AOL, or can the Mac not get out at all?
zeppelinx12Author Commented:
It is only with AOL. But when AOL is called on it they blame the ISP.
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