Veritas San Storage Option without FC-AL?

Would it be possible to run veritas' SSO to share resources, and more importantly, have a primary master and secondary slaves so the computers would share resources and be somewhat redundant without putting the tape drives onto a SAN?  We have three servers and are trying to automate the backup into one instance (running on three servers) of backup exec's DB.  I realize that running over ethernet, if possible, would affect performance without a doubt, but we have plently of headroom, and reliability and dependability is more important than speed (in addition, we have 4 LTO2 and 4 LTO1 drives running to backup about 1.2 TB a night, so not too big of a deal.)  I could not find any good technical documentation on this, and translating our scsi tape drives to fiber and running over a SAN may or may not be practical, depending on the performance and compatability of veritas' SSO.  Thanks
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cdesimoneAuthor Commented:
Found the answer to be that the SSO is dependant on a universally device to device communication not involving the hosts in any way (which I thought, but not hoped for.)  So we would need tranlational scsi to fiber bridges and switches and HBA's on each server for this to work.  
BTW, what had it got to do with Security ? Should be in Storage TA...
cdesimoneAuthor Commented:
Yes, sorry.  If an admin see's this, then can you please move to Storage TA?  Thanks
cdesimoneAuthor Commented:
I found the solution to this months ago.

To use backup exec 9.1 and prior in a shared balanced environment, you must connect your tapes with a fiber switch (you cannot put this over ethernet)

However, on backup exec 10.0 you can share the jobs (and thus the tape drives) with a master server.  This is a better solution for us and anyone else with existing multiple servers attached via scsi.  

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