is it possible to write an ftp script that transfers data from debian os
to a window os.

if so, how do i go abt writing the script?

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avizitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These scripts are for he ftp client

and also in ftp the connection is initiated by the ftp client

the server runs waiting for connections from the client
so the ftp client connects to the server and makes a request as in send a file or receive etc
and the server performs
hence these scripts has to be clientscripts

hence  if you are running your ftp server on the windows machine you will use the linux client i.e the script you wpudl use on a linux machine

on the other hand ifthe ftp server is on the linux machine and you are connecting from a windows machine you should use the script i have shown above
What kind of setup you are talking bout ?

the windows machine is running the ftp server  and the debian is running the ftp client .. in that it should be possible to use any of the ftp script that has been put in this techinical area

if what you have is a server on Debian and an ftp client on your windows machine . then I am not sure , cos in that case you are looking into whatever facilitiues are there in Windows to automate ftp ..( I think there are some fancy ftp clients in windows world which lets you have some kind of automation but dont take my word for it :)

I can see from your past questions , that you already know how to write a ftp script which runs on a linux machine and can be used to transfile file  to/from a ftp server  which can be any system .windows /linux whatever ..
so the first case of using the linux machine as client and windows as server is done .

for second casewhere your ftp server is on the linux machine , i did a cursory search on google and came up with this


basically you need to write a script file say

test.ftp  with following content

open ftpserver.com
put file1
get file2  

and run it as
ftp -s:test.ftp

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TPolyAuthor Commented:
jus want to know can the debian ftp be a server and client at the same time?


Server - transfer the files from rvsi machine to this server

Client - let the server in the window os to get files from here

ftp server and client are two different programs

so you can run both on your debian machine

andthen it can act as a ftp server and also you can connect to another machine running an ftp server using the ftp client.
TPolyAuthor Commented:
is there any difference in writing the script on the client side n the server side
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