Accessing Multiple AS400 File Members using Crystal Reports

Currently i am trying to write a report which will access an AS400 database file, this file will have many file member and i am having trouble determine how i can access specific file member when retrieiving the data from the file, currently it is just using the first file member on the as400 file.
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I am not familiar with AS400 databases.  What is a file member?

jdwanAuthor Commented:
Basically when you create a file on the as400 the system normally creates a file member with the same name as the file, which stores all the records (data) , this is generally how files on the as400 are created, however it is also possible to have a file which will actually have multiple file members, which means each file member will have a different set of data.

Example: The following is from the file (called FIN890W1) this file has the members FIN890W1, GRDC71021, GRDC710437, and GRDC710440 as you can see by the records column the FIN890W1 member is empty, what i want to be able to do is report on the other file members.

Member List                                                                          
                                               Creation    Last      Change                      Deleted
Member                    Size          Date         Date     Time          Records    Records
FIN890W1                32768        27/10/04 27/10/04 12:38:18             0          0    
GRDC710121           229376        27/10/04 27/10/04 13:07:20       1844          0    
GRDC710437           229376        27/10/04 27/10/04 12:45:51       1788          0    
GRDC710440           147456        27/10/04 27/10/04 12:46:32         922          0    
Glad i could help

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