How Can I creat regulations of using computer in the government ?

Hi all experts , the manager tell me to creat a national standards of using the computers in the offices of some the  governmet  (how do the employees do in thier offices by using computers and network like , what is the acceptable policy or ethics if  the employee take the computer to home? and if he damage the hardware in the work ?) (code of ethics)

I know security policy that be downloadable from

but couldn't find any references of my needing

I need to this with certefied national refrences from  . plz
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I think you are asking for a template of an "Acceptable Usage Policy" (AUP)? A document that defines what the "acceptable usage" of corporate resources (computers, networks, printers, email, etceteras)?  And then I think you said you want a governmental version?

so, here is a very brief definition of what an AUP is:

here is the one that the United States Department of the Interior uses to define acceptable usage of the Internet:

and this one defines the AUP for phones and such:

I hope this helps somewhat


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At the NIST site (National Institute of Standards and Technology) you will find:
Computer Security Resource Center
Federal Requirements
Here is the internet usage policy for all state employees for Virginia:

Here are the policies for the University of Virginia employees:

I just recently wrote the IT policy for my department.
Just a note:  I was looking at some of the links the others provided, and I tried the State of Virginia AUP for the Internet.  Avoid that one.  IMHO, it's poorly written (If I had turned in work like that my boss would have canned my butt :)).  I'm referring to:

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