DNS Failure, Cannot connect to domain or resolve DNS on intranet or internet


I'm having a problem after re-booting my Windows 2000 Citrix Terminal Server.  One of my users installed My Smiley toolbar and I made an attempt to remove it.  I used the Add/Remove and then I ran Adware and Hijackthis.exe.  I removed what I thought were benign registry entries.  After rebooting, several services would not start including Net Logon.  I was not able to log into the domain which forced me to login to the local admin account.  Once I logged in, I was not able to browse the Internet, but I am able to ping my Intranet as well as any address on the Web.  Also IE returns the "Page cannot be displayed" error immediately.  

After changing my DNS servers to reflect those of my local ISP, I still receive the same results.  I ran NetDiag and Winsock failed.  When I went to MSInfo32, Components, Network, Protocols, the section is blank.

So far I've reinstalled Win 2K Server over my existing Win 2k, I've re-applied SP4.  I've checked for the qhost trojan in the WINNT\help folder.  I dis-joined this computer from the domain and now I'm unable to Join back into the domain.  I get the infamous error "The specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted". I'm really hoping I can avoid re-building the server from scratch.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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dvelezAuthor Commented:
Problem solved.  Since I've been doing all this remotely, I didn't want to uninstall all my network properties, but that's what I needed to do.

I deleted Client for Microsft Networking, File and Printer Sharing and Internet TCP/IP.  Of course when I deleted TCP/IP I lost my connection and I had someone on the other side re-install all of the above.  Once the system restarted, I was back in business.  

Lesson learned:  Don't complicate things... sometimes it's the simple that gets overlooked.

Thanks Anyway

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