LCD on D-sub (URGENT)

This might sound a bit discriminating but I need LCD owners *only* feedback on this.

I have Samsung SyncMaster 193P and I want to kill the one who have decided that menu must go :) No, actually, the problem is that LCD's built-in message boxes pixels (signal lookup, auto-adjustment, etc) are crisp and sharp ("as seen on TV"), while everything non-built-in is blurry, even in native resolution. I've tried to auto-adjust on checkboard pattern, but effect is still there. Is it some sort of analog input limitation? Does DVI actually works better (I have on-board video, so can't check by myself for now)? What's the best way to adjust analog input display?
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This is not a problem with analog input, generally. You may have a bad cable, bad connector or a bad video card, but you should be able to get a crisp screen in the native resolution, with analog input on any LCD.

Test the monitor on another computer if possible.

What is the native resolution of this screen? Perhaps your vid card has problems with it. It might just possibly be a refresh rate problem. Try a low one, like 60 Hz, see if that makes a difference.

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andYetAnotherLoginNameAuthor Commented:
1280x1024 60MHz is the one I have. yep, perhaps I'll try to test it on the other PC (though two-way 19" lcd transportation is kind of hussle)
andYetAnotherLoginNameAuthor Commented:
> Test the monitor on another computer if possible.

did it. perfect quality on both DVI/D-sub.
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