network share requesting user name and password when accessed from domain computer logged with different user

I need some help on the following issues:
a) would like selected users on a domain (w2k server) to be able to access specific shared folders on the server allthough the computer is logged with another user name.
As an example I would like Mike to go on John computer (currently logged in as John) and be able to access the \\server\mike folder (access restricted to Mike). The computer should display a UN/PASS box for authentication.
Is this possible?

b) if there is a solution for a), how can I force the computer to "forget" the authentication after a specific time on w2k clients?

The reason for this is that I have a couple "Mike" users who hop from one computer to the other checking on "John"'s work, but sometimes need access to their "Mike"'s protected folder.
Log-in and out every time simply is too slow and all John documents would be closed.

Thank you in advance
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This would involve a bit of user training, but one way would be to show them how to go to:

1) Tools --> Map Network Drive.
2) Select the drive letter
3) Have them type in the UNC path to their shared folder, ie \\server\Mike
4) Click on the log in as a different user hyperlink in the dialog box and log in as themselves
5) Make sure they uncheck 'Reconnect at logon' box
6) When they are done, have them right-click the connection, and click on disconnect

This should solve your problem if your users are competent enough to remember this. I have seen times where if one user was logged in, it did not like it if you did this, but more often than not, this should work. You will need Win2K and up on the desktop end to do this.

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