Your message has been successfully relayed to the following recipients....

Exchange 2000.

For a cuple of days there has been a problem for users sending e-mail to certain domains (buisness related domains, not MSN, AOL etc). Email get queued on the Exchange server. Contacted the admin on the other side but he was not very helpful. It also seems that the problem is random.

The user on my domain receives: Your message has been successfully relayed to the following recipients  but the requested delivery status notifications may not be generated by the destination.

The relay Restriction is set to "Only the list below" +Adresses=LAN + the box with Allow all computers is checked.  

any ideas?  
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Mail reley == Sender AND Recipient doesn´t have mailboxes on your server, so the message has to be relayed to the Recipients Server ....... whereever ....
That´s no problem ...

The Recipient system doesn´t allow to send out system messages so your ex-Server generates this message type .....

Handersson75Author Commented:
ok ... it looks like I have mixed to different problems here... 1. The problem with sending e-mails to certain domains 2. The relay mail ...

What does it mean, the relay mail?
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