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Hi Everyone,

First time setting up Win2k server from scratch. I just need to ask some advice on what order to install things and also any tips you can give me

First off, i have a Compaq Proliant DL380 G2 server. I have upgraded the storage for 2x18GB (OS and apps) and 2x72GB (Storage). I have created 2 logical drives for each set of disks in RAID1.
I have partitioned the drives. 18GB - 2 partitions. small one for the Compaq tools for emergency boot etc. Then the rest for the OS and apps. On the 72GB i have just created one large partition.
I have installed windows 2k SBS and all the appropriate drivers.

Now, i need some advice in what order to install my apps.

I have the following i wish to setup

Sophos Enterprise Manager / AV
MS Exchange
Antigen for exchange
Veritas 9.1 backup exec premium

Then theres updates.

Can anyone advise me in what order i should install the above programs and any updates.

I always get worried installing the updates. Should i just stick on the latest service pack before installing any software, then get the critical updates after? Then go ahead and install software?

I would assume the SQL and Exchange would be installed when the SBS part is setup.

I would be very greatful if someone would advise me in what order to install the above programs and updates and to give me any tips before i start.

Thankyou very much
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SalehdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My advice would be to install the latest SP and all critical updates for OS first, then restart the system and check if every thing is working fine. Then Install the first Application then install all updates and critical updates for it, restart the system....
About the order of the applications it didn't usually matter what to install first, however SBS include SQL & exchange with it.
You can however install the AV last to speed up the process a bit (if you do this make sure that you scan the CDs which you use to install the Apps first)
After every thing is working fine, remember to make a full backup for your system and save it in safe place for future.
Good luck
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