Windows 2003 Domain Name Change

HI Experts,

I have recently just installed a windows 2003 server on my network, which has 4 NT 4 servers on it.

I was really on trying and testing a windows 2003 server before I upgrade, its not a DC or anything but it is the new DNS server for clients on my network.

Thing is I would like to change the domain name i gave this computer from to whatever.local.

How would I go about doing this, is it difficult, and am I likely to make a mess of everything.


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Should be easy enough, you can actually rename a windows 2003 domain.

here is a good article on it.
You say it is not a DC.
You say it is on a NT4 domain and it is your user's DNS server?
When you say change domain it doesn't really match what your trying to do. The DNS server will need to be on your NT4 domain as a DNS server to server those reqeusts.

I may be missing the whole boat, but here is the best way to test a AD upgrade on an NT 4.0 domain FIRST STEP.

Build you a NT4.0 BDC. Replicate it and then remove from the network. Put that BDC on a hub, NOT CONNECTED IN ANY WAY TO YOUR NETWORK.
Now, promote the BDC to a PDC.
Now, upgrade it to Windows 2003 Acitve Directory.
Take one of your existing network clients and plug them into same hub.
You can now test network shares, user authentication and what not.
When done. Just blow the mahcine out and use it elsewhere.

Hope that helps.
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