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Browsing problem in squid through leased line

 I'm having an ADSL and a leased line connection.I've setup squid proxy whose gateway is ADSL. Now browsing both at server and clients are working fine.But now when I changed the Internet gateway at the squid proxy server to that of the leased line ,none of the clients are able to browse.Browsing at server is OK. The clients are able to browse when their gateway is configured as the Leased Line Router.The problem comes only when they are redirected through the proxy - when the proxy's gateway is Leased Line.The clients get the message like conecting to and it stays like that foe 2 minutes and then gets the message "Page cannot be displayed".
1 Solution
There could be several issues here

1. The Squid proxy is configured incorrect. Check Access lists and squid proxy logs to see if you see any errors when your clients access. Best is that the client machine try to access internet using the squid proxy and you monitor the squid logs realtime.
Verify your config using default settings
 Also go here for a quick start guide http://squid.visolve.com/squid/sqguide.htm

2. Your Squid SERVER is not configured as a Gateway Box. To configure the squid box (running linux i assume ) as a gateway. Go here for a guide : http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialIptablesNetworkGateway.html

then forward all port 80 connections through the squid-proxy.

Another solution is to configure SQUID server as a transparent proxy. But you need two network cards (since you don't have a intelligent switch) for it to work. One side would be connected to your network and the other is directly connected to the ADSL line. so all Web traffic is magically cached and the client machines are un-aware as to a proxy. This is the best method of using a cache.

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