Power Quest Drive Image command line

I'm trying to use command line switches with Power Quest Drive Image v4

I'm using the line:
in an autoexec.bat

the RESTORE.TXT file contains:

but PQDI keeps on returning the error
/CMD=A:\RESTORE.TXT is unknown.

the file is there, it's contents are good, the switch seems to be supported here:

this document relates to the Pro version, was the switch only supported in that one??

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Danny ChildIT ManagerAsked:
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Have you tried placing RESTORE.TXT on the C drive, and calling it from there? (Rather than the A:)?


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This may be a silly question, but are you specifying the filename portion?


The <filename> should be an actual file name. Other than that, the syntax matches the information on the link you included.
Danny ChildIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
DrW - I can't call it from c:, because that's what I'm trying to overwrite, but we do have a d: partition where the images are held, so I've tried it from there... same error (except referring to D:)
I also tried not listing the path at all ie
but that didn't work either.  I was wondering if the interpreter was bad, and taking the \ as an additional switch.  Didn't work either.

Steve - yep, the filename is there, I just cut it out to make stuff clearer.  Obviously, didn't work!   ;-]

as Power Quest have now been bought by Symantec, the support is rubbish.  Strange that.  You'd think they were trying to get me to buy Ghost, or something......
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Strange, Tried on the version 5 here and there it works
my syntax in the autoexec.bat, using a general win98 bootdisk with cd-rom support and mapping Q:\ as a RAM-drive
(Default bootdisks as found on www.bootdisk.com)

q:\pqimgctr /CBS /CMD=q:\bootdvd.txt /DSK=1 /CMP=Low /IMG=q:\RCPC.PQI /CEC /SNC /NRB

No idea what the difference is.
Danny ChildIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
guess it's just broken then...
cheers for the help guys.

No-one fixed it, but the suggestions were all good, so will do a 3 way split (have bumped the points to make it easy), and take the first answer as Accepted.
Thanks, Dan. :-)
Sorry we couldn't help any more.

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