When trying to deploy image an error...


We have recently upgraded our Windows 2000 RIS server to a windows 2003 server.
When we try to deploy an image to a client, we get an error telling us that the image doesn't contain the necessary drivers to continue.
The images that we are trying to deploy worked fine when the server was a windows 2000 server. We even tryed making new images but we get the same error.
I have noticed that the BINL service is missing from services, can that be our problem and how do we get the BINL service back without loosing our present images ?

Thank you

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WeHeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This issue may occur if the following conditions are true:
- Multiple images created by the RISETUP utility for the Windows 2000 operating system family are located on the RIS Server.
- OEM network adapter drivers are not configured for each Windows 2000 image on the RIS server.
To work around this issue, configure the OEM network adapter drivers in the RISETUP image for each version of Windows 2000 that is available on the RIS Server.
You use a NIC that is not natively supported by W2K3. (Add Third-Party OEN Drivers to RIS Installation)
This problem may occur in situations when RIS does not recognize the syntax of the [Manufacturer] section of the .inf file for the network adapter driver. Therefore, Setup cannot locate the network driver.
In this case you need a patch for KB823658.
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