DNS HELP, Internal Domain Name started resolving on the Internet!?

Recently our registered name space “mycompany.net” has started resolving on the Internet to[]  “comingsoon.internic.ca”  It times out but it still resolves.
This seems to have started last Thursday October 21st.
This created many problems for us as our internal name space is “mycompany.net”
My mail servers started acting up as they were configured with a external DNS on the NIC for mail delivery.  Corrected this by having my Internal DNS use root hints and the mail server uses the internal DNS.  But by problem now is VPN clients who all have their ISP DNS are not able to connect to internal resources when connected, I can manually enter our DNS on their NIC but that is just a temp fix.
I orginally registered both mycompany.net and mycompany.com so I would not have this problem with internal and external doman names.
We do own the domain name, I have just never configured anything for it.  I do not want it resolvable on the internet. How do I do this?

Please advise

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You need to contact your domain registrar that you bought the domain from. Advise them that you do NOT want any default IP's set for your domain name.

Your VPN clients SHOULD have to have DNS entries to communicate with your internal servers. They need to know how to resolve the name space. If you are using DHCP to give addresses to your vpn clients you need to add a DNS entry in your DHCP scope so they'll automatically get it.

Still don't quiet udnerstand the situation. If you DID NOT have extneral DNS records hosting for your company.net, then why did the adding of them cause you problems. If adding them caused problems then certainly not having them at all before Oct 21st should have REALLY caused you problems.

Just confused, which is very easy to do.

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strathitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply,  confused..welcome to the club.
I was given the login info for internic, but the am unsure of what to change, also it shows the registrar is namescout.com, we do not have any account info with them??

My VPN clients do get the internal DNS through DHCP that has not changed.  The problem is this, the VPN clients connect via VPN and get the internal DNS, but when they try and resolve an internal name the client by default checks with the DNS on the NIC first, and GETS a response for mycompany.net.  NSLOOKUP on mycomany.net shows []  which is “comingsoon.internic.ca” it times out and the client can not connect.  As I said above any internal server which had an external DNS entry on the NIC would also have the same problem, I would ping server.mycomany.net and I would get that  So at the advise of Microsoft removed external DNS entries from Internal Server NICS and had my internal DNS use root hints.  That solved the internal problems.

I can't be the only one who has comany.net as the internal domain name and company.com as the internet domain name.  I registed both of them but do not want the company.net to resolve to ANYTHING on the Internet.

Clear as mud right..
strathitAuthor Commented:

"Advise them that you do NOT want any default IP's set for your domain name."

That did it.
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