Autoplay continuously opens and closes

History:  was provided a used laptop from my boss.  My instructions were to reformat and install XP Pro, all updates and service packs and a list of programs.  This was completed the other day.  I turned the machine off, left for the day and returned the next morning.  I was asked to add a few more programs and when I turned it on I was greeted with a window that reads Autoplay.  There is no CD in the drive to warrant this behavior.

The window that comes up has "Autoplay" in the title bar.  Shows the 'browse' flashlight animation like the one that is used when Windows is looking for a file.  Has a green status bar and a Cancel button.  

Trying Ctrl - Alt - Del while this window is open presents a pop-up that reads:

"Windows is currently in the middle of a long operation.

Either wait for the operation to finish, or cancel it before you quit windows."

This window's display does not follow a time pattern.  I cannot find a process in task manager that stops or starts in synchronization with the AutoPlay window.

I've run several ad/spy products and cannot find anything in particular.

Lastly, I have reformated the drive again, installed XP Pro and upon launching for the first time, I again am presented with this Autoplay window.

Hopefully I have provided enough informatoin.  Please let me know if more is needed.  I do not know what is causing this window to come up.

Thank you!
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AZSanDiegoHBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi twdave,
1-are there suspicious programs in your all programs>startup folder?
2-try rebooting in safe mode and see if this behavior stops
3-run>msconfig>general tab>click "diagnostic startup" and restart
If #1 doesn't solve it, 2 & 3 should help diagnose if it's related to a background program or service.
One more thought, does the drive have any partitions on it? You might want to completely wipe partitions and re-create them before doing another reinstall (if this becomes necessary). win98 boot disk can do this, partitionmagic does this, and of course you can do this via XP's setup process.
Go to start-run and type "sfc /scannow" (without the quotes) an Enter
Have you loaded the factory drivers?
A lot of Laptop hardware is specialized and needs the factory drivers to function properly.
twdaveAuthor Commented:
AZSanDiegoHB - It was the drive that was causing the problem.  This laptop (Sager) has a built-in MP3 player.  The SD memory, seen as removable media, is not readable.  When I removed the card the Autoplay window went away.

Thanks to all for the pointers.

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