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Initialize a proxy class with a url from a C++ application

I created a C# web service application that is being consumed by a C++ application. I added the web Service as a web reference to the C++ application. I want to be able to pass in the url for the web service when I instantiate the web service in the C++ application.
I tried inheriting from the proxy class but did not have access to its Url property, so what do I have to do to gain access to the Url property of the proxy class?

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It would help if you post the class declaration for the class you're referring to.

If you need to get a data member value, then you should add a method to the class, that will return the value you're trying to retrieve.
>>I tried inheriting from the proxy class but did not have access to its Url property

Seems that your non-public members in the base class are declared as 'private', not as 'protected'...
borghardAuthor Commented:
The base class is the proxy class,  It gets generated from my web service it seems that I don't have access to this Url porperty even within my web service.
The following is a declaration of the web service:
public class Service1 : System.Web.WebService
            public Service1()
                  //CODEGEN: This call is required by the ASP.NET Web Services Designer

So my question what class does my service have to inherit from to gain access to the Url property.
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borghardAuthor Commented:
I did see in some book an example of changing the Url property of a web service that inherits from the following class: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol
when I tried inheriting from that class I was able to see the Url property but only within the service itself, it did not show up in the proxy class, so I had no access to it from the C++ application so How do I gain access to this property?
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